Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pony Diet

Pink Dress ftw
On Saturday my roommate and I came to terms with how little we've been working out recently. With the combination of me attending a wedding this coming weekend and Halloween quickly approaching, Roomie suggested we implement the Pony Diet. (She wants to be a My Little Pony for Halloween. A svelte My Little Pony.) I'm pretty excited to wear my pink dress to the wedding.

The Pony Diet: 
Green vegetables

Roomie  +  The Pony Diet  =  Svelte Little Pony! 
You see, we want to be svelte, but not at the sacrifice of our alcohol tolerance (nobody likes a sloppy pony). Plus our fridge is stocked with beer and salad dressing, so this was also a question of logistics.

I wake up on Sunday and promptly suggest we go get donuts. Only due to incredible will power (and withering looks from the Roomie) did I relent and go with her to purchase salad-making stuff and frozen baby brussels sprouts.

Later in the evening, my roommate wandered into the kitchen as I was preparing my brussels sprouts and suggested that maybe I was missing the point of a diet.

Everything is better with butter!

But I don't know what she's talking about. 

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