Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Would this be better as a Wordle?

Good morning Lance, it's a foggy day!
It's brisky and  misty, and I think that's okay.
But weather that really makes me go "woo!"
is when it finally will reach seventy-two.

While most folks resolved to do more dieting,
the Middle East seems intent on rioting.
Egypt has followed Tunisia's fashion
of taking to the streets with a peaceful passion.
The protesters hope that their fervorred disruption
will lead to more modest levels of corruption.

Tonight is the State of the Union speech
and President Obama will do his best to beseech
Congress (like they're seated) to begin working together,
though they might not all be birds of a feather.
I'm interested to hear what he has to report,
especially if his speech writers can keep it short.
I get really annoyed by all the applause;
really, must they clap after every pause?

Ah, the sun is shining, the fog is all burned away.
I hope it's shining on you, and you have a good day.
Perhaps tomorrow there will be more to write of,
until then I, Patricia, sign this letter with love.

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